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Evans 2-Ply Clear EMAD 22" Bass Drum Batter Head


Evans 2-Ply Clear EMAD 22" Bass Drum Batter Head

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For Evans, the unbelievable success of the original EMAD (Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping) bass drumhead was just the start. The EMAD acronym recently expanded to include a resonant head, and now the company introduces the EMAD2 bass batter head a two-ply version of the head that started a new era in drumhead sound adjustability and became the world's fastest-selling bass batter head.

The EMAD2 consists of a 6.5 mm outer ply and a 10 mm inner ply, and, as is the case with any two-ply head, the EMAD2 has boosted low-end frequencies and outstanding durability. Unlike any other two-ply bass head, the EMAD2 offers two damping rings, each of which affects the head's sound and pedal response. This external system not only maximizes natural attack characteristics and offers tremendous dynamic range (even at low dynamic levels where other damping systems fall far short) and control over sustain, it also allows quick, easy adjustments without having to remove the head from the drum. This unique feature is extremely valuable, especially during recording sessions.

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